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State Machine Designs

State Machine Designs supports accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy & a more equitable and better future for all by promoting the people, technologies, services, and organizations that are making it come true through creative and unique product designs.


E-Commerce, Product Management, Operations


James Ward


2021 - Present


As life-long believers in the positive potential of human invention and innovation, we have discovered that promoting these ideals plays a critical role in aiding and accelerating their success.

SMD is dedicated to playing it's part in the butterfly effect to that end and taking its place in the great state machine of our collective future. 

Mars Base Alpha-front-notext.png

Custom Art

All designs at SMD were made by commissioned artists and are unique to specific people, technologies, services, or organizations in relation to sustainable practices. The first collection was created based on Tesla cars and Elon Musk. 

Mars Base Alpha-back-notext.png
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